We all want to help a person in an emergency. But the anxiety of messing things up, fear of infection transmission or the desperation of not knowing what to do may prevent us from helping. Can you imagine someone who hesitated to help you or your loved ones with such excuses in an emergency? When you think about this, we better understand the necessity of this course. If you take this course, you will learn internationally recognized (ILCOR accredited) CPR and First Aid skills and help someone in need with confidence.Be a diver or not, everyone can attend this course, no age limits. If you are planning to become a PADI Rescue Diver, this İs a must course, so you should definitely consider taking this course.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Everyone can attend.

Course Sections and Duration


Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care course is completed in the classroom and has two sections. The first section is knowledge development which contains presentations and videos discussing the importance of first aid, first aid techniques and skills. The second section contains practical skills on mannequins.The course can be completed in 9 hours (Either 3 weekday nights or one full day on a Saturday). Once you complete knowledge development, Practical skills sections and the final exam, you will receive an internationally recognized EFR CPR and First Aid certification.