World Confederation of Underwater Sports diver education standards. Includes
total 8 hours of theoretical education and 5 standard educational dives with the
support of 1 Star TSSF-CMAS manual. Candidates are taught and get to practice
shallow and open water diving skills. Diving physics, physiology, equipment,
diving environment, dive planning, dive health, safety, buddy system and dive

tables are topics in the theoretical basis of education.

Again, following 24 standard underwater and surface practical training skills,
candidates get to exercise in open water under supervision of TSSF-CMAS
Instructors, after theoretical final exam, candidates are presented their Dive
Logbooks and temporary certificates, in a few weeks original certificate sent by
TSSF to our diving centre will be delivered to addresses of participants. Applicants

must be at least 14 years of age.