While scuba diving, we breathe compressed air. And the oxygen and nitrogen inside air affect our dive depth and time. For example, nitrogen may cause decompression sickness at certain depths within a certain period of time, so the divers should never exceed dive limits. This is how we prevent decompression sickness (DCS). But, is there a way to spend more time underwater and prevent DCS? If you dive with enriched air, the answer is yes! As the name indicates, with a more enriched mix, i.e. higher oxygen percentage in the cylinder, you can safely enjoy being underwater longer. Besides, you can attend this course right after your Open Water Diver course and there are no required open water dives, so you can earn your certification card with short independent study and classroom sessions! Enriched air is very popular in tropical dive sites (like the Red Sea), so taking this course can be a good investment for your future dive travels.